Now Accepting NCCWSL Sponsorship Applications

(The 2015 NCCWSL application due date has passed. Stay tuned for next year’s application dates!)

The AAUW San Juan is proud to be offering a sponsorship (or two) to the National Conference of Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL and pronounced “nick-whistle”!) for May 28-30, 2015. In 2014, we were able to sponsor 3 young women from Puerto Rico and the result was outstanding, both for the Branch members who sponsored and the three young women who attended!  (Read about the presentation they gave in September 2014 about the experience.)

Community members who would like to contribute monetarily to this year’s sponsorships can do so by sending a check to AAUW San Juan (memo: NCCSWL sponsorship) C/O Nayda Cumpiano, 60 Washington St, Apt 1102, San Juan, PR 00907.

We are accepting applications already!  To be eligible a candidate must be female, enrolled in a college or university in Puerto Rico, and fluent in English.  She must also be willing and able to participate fully in the conference in Maryland and report back to AAUW San Juan about her experience. The application and details about the process can be found here.

We are looking for an excellent portfolio of applications!

Please note:  There are any number of ways for a college woman to attend this conference.  She can certainly register and pay her own way.  There are also national scholarships available.  The San Juan sponsorship is just one way deserving women can pay for their attendance.  Here are AAUW’s recommendations for those on a budget (aren’t we all??)