Stories from Maria – Dagmar Boenert

Great to hear from you. I hope that you are all fine, without too many damages!

I m still in Germany. I can only communicate by WhatsApp or gmail as my Portoricain phone isn’t connected.
My flight back has been cancelled. So I booked on October 14th, hoping that Condor will fly.
Philippe is ok.
Our house too, but like every one, no water, no light, rarely internet and difficulty to get gas.
Our new neighbors are great. real solidarity.
Philippe’s factory has been producing since Monday after the hurrican,
Cigars are not really necessary right now but his employees are glad to have work in Cayey.
I don’t know if you got the message from Alex Waterman, she went to San Diego on Wednesday.
Is there anything I could bring from Germany?
It might be possible to take extra suitcases or boxes by “contribute” Condor service.
Please let me know if I can do anything.
Looking forward seeing you and volunteering once back in PR
Take care !