Stories from Maria – Mary Clinton

I left PR last Wednesday on South West – the BEST airline in the sky!!  We were on standby but their motto was “we are here, we will get you there” on line from 6AM until 1PM when we boarded the plane.  The captain announced we were the first passengers and the plane would not leave until full.  On boarding we were given unlimited iced water, a bag was on each seat with a sandwich, an  apple, a variety of cookies and  incidentals.  Passengers started boarding, almost all had pets – cats, dogs, some in cages, some just held in arms – no limit to the number of animals.  No baggage weighed.   We left PR at 3:00..

We were flown to Orlando FOR NOTHING!!! NO CHARGE!!  and once in Orlando, we were flown to any point in the US for nothing!  I went to Miami, my friends to Houston.  Service was impeccable – amazing thing – all those animals, lots of children – during the flight, NO noise – no commotion – people were exhausted, most slept but on arrival a real cheer for the entire crew.  Whoever made the decision to have their flights free and comforting deserves a grand award.  The entire SJ based crew and ground employees comforted the passengers and were giving updates on the status  of the flights.

The airport was a disaster – no restaurants open, no money available, limited phone service, grumpy people frustrated by conditions, but the shining star was South West.  Fly that airline – they deserve support from everyone!