Stories from Maria – Jody Valdes

Hi everyone,
I was lucky enough to leave on one of the last flights out before they shut the airport down and took the pets with me.  Max was in Bogota, Columbia when we realized how bad María would be and I got one of the last seats out and am grateful.
Max returned to SJ and is working with the administration on a village that was “adopted” by the Orchestra to get supplies and help the people there.  Also working on what the next steps are for the season, cancellations, etc.
He went back with suitcases of batteries, water purifiers, lanterns, powdered milk and other supplies we knew were needed.  I’m sending a small box of more supplies this week as a test.  If it arrives to our house I’ll know I can send more to help neighbors, musicians, and anyone else.
If power isn’t restored I still plan to come back in a couple of weeks to be with Max, but not sure for how long, all depends on the situation I guess.
Our Synagogue has major damage and we have many members who are in terrible conditions, so trying to help there too.
Please keep me updated on everyone…and I send my love to all,