Stories from Maria – Facebook notes

From Betsy Parker: Sept 24.

I have not had news of many members and friends. Ladies and gentlemen, could we all post here notices about who is in PR and who is not. Who is safe and who we haven’t heard from… for my part, I can tell you that Gerry L. Cumpiano VillamorNayda Cumpiano and I are fine.

We have spoken to Sylvia Locher and she and John are okay.

Joanne Marti is in St. Louis, but her son and husband are here and fine.

Jody Valdes is off island, so is Max.

Jose Perez and Kathy are off Island.

Galina Elisman Borschow is off island with her family.

Raquel Holcman Astrachan is off island.

Ellen Seidman and Gregory Kaufman are okay.

Linda Garayalde and Glenn are ok. Now it’s your turn…please fill us in!


Lillian Rico Luis and Lillian Rico are off Island in Houston Texas. Praying for some sort of normalcy to come back to our Island.

Pattersons and Schneider’s are ok. Hammel’s are ok. Barretos also.

Heidi Cazes-Sevilla Caroll Costas and Patricia Schaefer are fine