Community Project Grants

This year in Puerto Rico, our projects have included:

Healing Through Writing, a writer’s workshop at Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos for survivors of violence.

Library Book Projects, donating collections of inspiring books about girls and women to three neighborhood libraries in Puerto Rico.
Promoting Work Smart, AAUW’s Salary Negotiation Course throughout Puerto Rico.
A high school student to attend Rotary’s Young Leaders Award Leadership Course
Three college students to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL)

Join us for ongoing discussions about how we can help women and girls in PR who are suffering due to Covid-19 in 2020.

Current Grants Program Procedure for AAUW Puerto Rico (approved on May 30th, 2018)

Program Purpose

AAUW Puerto Rico will provide funds for projects that address issues related to the needs of women and girls in Puerto Rico or to educate the public in Puerto Rico on those issues.

Priorities will align with those of AAUW (National) i.e.:

  • Projects focusing on women’s and girls’ achievement in STEM
  • Projects focusing on assistance to women who are victims of violence.
  • Projects focusing on keeping girls in school, preparing girls for adulthood (i.e. financial literacy, leadership training, etc.)
  • Projects that continue or enhance a pilot project funded by an AAUW (National) Community Action Grant.
  • Projects that are programs sponsored by or promoted by the AAUW national organization (Start Smart, Work Smart, etc.) or other AAUW branches.

Eligible Projects

  • Must take place within Puerto Rico.
  • Must clearly identify a project leader or team. The project leader must be an AAUW member.
  • The proposed activity must have direct community impact and be mission specific: To promote equity for women and girls by addressing issues identified by AAUW.
  • Proposals cannot encompass commercial activity, academic credit, promote a political party, legislation or any religion.
  • Grants are for projects, not general operating expenses.

Award Amounts

Grants are intended to support small initiatives by AAUW members. The maximum grant amount will be $3,000. The BOD of AAUWPR may set an annual limit to grant funds awarded in the branch budget.


AAUW Puerto Rico will employ a Community Projects Committee (CPC) to oversee the processing of grant applications. The Committee chairperson will sit on the Board of AAUW Puerto Rico.

The CPC will consist of a chairperson, and at least 3 additional members. All members of the CPC must be AAUW Puerto Rico branch members in good standing

The CPC will

  • Analyze and recommend the projects to be funded to the AAUW PR BOD
  • Promote the awareness of the grants program
  • Serve as a resource to the project’s team
  • Monitor the progress of the activity.
  • Review the final report.

Application process

The Community Projects Committee will evaluate the applications and recommend action by the BOD, as proposals are submitted. Applicants will have an answer within 60 days. A vote by the BOD to award the money for the project will be the final step.

After the project

The Project Leader or Team will be responsible for a final written report to the CPC and the BOD of AAUW PR. Projects may be eligible for continued funding.

Applications must show:

  • The project is relevant to the mission of AAUW
  • The project meets a demonstrable, documented local need
  • The project has clear and specific outcomes
  • The project has a realistic evaluation plan
  • The project has a realistic publicity plan
  • The project budget is adequate and expenses are justified in the budget narrative
  • The project time frame is realistic

All projects will be identified with the AAUW PR and be projects of the branch. Publicity and advertising must clearly use AAUW logos and branding standards.  When projects are funded through partnering with another organization, branding will be relative to the financial contributions of the participating organizations (ie the highest funder gets first billing).

For more information, please contact Betsy Parker.