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The cost of membership in AAUW PR  in 2021-2022 is $90 ($67 of that is for AAUW national membership, and $23 of that is for our state and local branch membership). Your dues help AAUW build a country that has equal pay for equal work, equitable leadership opportunities, and schools and workplaces free of discrimination and harassment. We welcome you and appreciate your support!

You can pay for your membership on the National website with a credit card or by check.  Instructions are on the application.

The AAUW membership year is July 1 – June 30.  Dues received after March 16th are applied to the next fiscal year.

2022-2023 Branch Membership Application

Membership in AAUW (National) gives you:

  1. Access to a network of over 170,000 women across the United States and Puerto Rico who believe in women’s rights and work tirelessly to advance progress toward a society in which women enjoy equality with men.
  2. A important role to play in fulfilling the educational goals of women pursuing higher degrees in all sorts of fields through the AAUW grants and fellowships.
  3. Leadership opportunities at the local, state and national levels.
  4. Special Member only benefits like discounted travel, long term care insurance, health card and more. (I.e. National AAUW members receive a significant discount at Office Depot/Office Max. See to shop online or print a store card.

Membership in AAUW – San Juan Branch gives you:

  1. A local network of influential women who can serve as mentors and friends.
  2. The opportunity to work in your own community to help girls and women toward a brighter future.

Our outreach programs have been on hiatus since the Covid-19 pandemic but, in the past, we have offered writing workshops and sewing workshops in shelters for survivors of domestic violence, curated and donated collections of books highlighting women to public libraries in our area, and sent high school girls to leadership conferences available on the island through San Juan Rotary. We also continue to actively recruit and send female students from Puerto Rico’s universities to the annual National Conference of Collegiate Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

Organizationally, we like the open board concept.  All members are encouraged to participate in board meetings and be a part of our dynamic group. Many project ideas are merely waiting for someone energetic and committed to help us get them off the ground.

The friendships that AAUW San Juan fosters have been the most enduring legacy of our branch: We still count on the support and involvement of many members who have moved away. Older members have always provided wonderful role models and mentors to younger members. We have numerous social activities that serve not only to raise money for AAUW but that are fun and widely enjoyed by members, members friends and families.

Social groups (that have continued via Zoom during the pandemic) include a well-attended book club, a film group, a local chapter of Great Decisions, a Sip ‘n Chat discussion group, and a monthly hour-long program featuring an accomplished female speaker on topics of interest to us in Puerto Rico. We are currently organizing masked walking opportunities two Saturdays a month in different locations around San Juan, as well as occasional walking tours of monuments around Old San Juan. Once we can interact freely, we plan to resume the Gourmet Club, and in-person cocktail and coffee opportunities during the week. Come join us!

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