International Day of Peace

“If we are to create real peace in this world…we shall have to begin with children”
-Mahatma Gandhi to Maria Montessori

The International Day of Peace, September 21st ( is celebrated around the world and used as a focal point for the reflection and promotion of peace.  It is also a day to promote the profound understanding that peace is a process and to highlight the many different pathways to peace.  It is a date the world uses to connect people, ideas, visions, projects, and nations to construct a more peaceful society and, by doing so, a more peaceful world.
The theme “Transform the World Around You” offers every person an opportunity to participate in this day and make a personal pledge to promote peace.  It seeks to shift focus from other to self, in order to emphasize the individual’s capacity and responsibility to be engaged in the creation of peaceful societies. The International Day of Peace aims to engage all members of societies in order to acquire new knowledge, skills, techniques and tools which can assist them in their personal transformation and their role as agents of change. People may choose to observe September 21st in simple ways: by lighting a candle and making a personal plan for peace. It may be observed by having a minute of silence in the workplace, a family dinner, a religious service, or a classroom activity.
For those wishing to gather and celebrate the day together, an event will be held in San Juan on Friday, September 21st at the Peace Pavilion at Luis Muñoz Rivera Park in Puerta de Tierra ( The activity will be from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and will be sponsored by the youth of the island with support from Nuestra Escuela. It will be their platform to talk about the future they want and to share their ideas and feelings about peace in their lives. The activity will highlight the Rights of the Child as articulated in the United Nations’ Convention ( and will offer educational material, practical tools, interactive workshops, and recreational activities for students.

Participants, schools and organizations can use this day to plan a field trip, enjoy a family day, offer workshops on themes that promote peace and share their vision for Puerto Rico.
Protect our children so they can survive physically, spirituality, emotionally, and enjoy a healthy development and participate in life. It’s their right!
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