Library Projects

Municipal libraries in Puerto Rico lack funding for purchasing

Libraries have struggled through the years with a limited budgets, some supported largely through individual and corporate donations. This project seeks to provide books in English and Spanish for kids (grades KG-12) who visit these public libraries. The books, voted on by the book project committee with the approval and support of the librarians, will highlight the strong women of today and history. Both fiction and nonfiction, they will share the stories of the women who have advanced our lives, and those who are working to provide a better future for us all and our world. These books will hopefully inspire the younger generation to continue their education, enhance their own dreams, and create positive expectations for their future lives.

Goal:  Our goal is to inspire girls from Bucaré, Trujillo Alto, Carolina, and Cataño to dream big about the women they can become in Puerto Rico, so that they may become leaders, active in STEM fields, and have the confidence and grit to follow their talent and fulfill their potential. We hope the stories they read in the books we donate will provide them with role models, and they will feel encouraged by other girls and women who have created pathways to success.