AAUW San Juan Gourmet Club

Love to cook?  Share a meal with friends?  Join in great conversation?

Gourmet Club is just the answer!

The AAUW San Juan Gourmet Club is a group of members who get together 4 times a year in groups of 4 (members with their guests) to prepare a menu and spend an agreeable evening together over food and wine.

Each month, of the 4 members assigned to eat together, one member will be the hostess and make the main dish; another will bring an appetizer, another a side dish and the fourth will bring the dessert. All the recipes are provided at the beginning of the year so each dinner is actually repeated by all the groups of 4.  Members keep track of their expenses to prepare their dishes and at the end of the meal the cost is tallied and then shared by the members present.

The hostess is responsible for contacting the members assigned to her house and coordinating an evening that works for all.  There are both regular members (those assigned to all four meals) and substitutes.  The hostess will call from the substitutes’ list when she has a regular member who cannot attend.  Substitutes never have to be a hostess.

Sign-up for regular members takes place at the end of the summer and into September.  Substitutes can be added at anytime.

Gourmet is one of the most popular clubs in AAUW San Juan and is always loads of fun.

If you are interested please contact, Barbara Martinez