Screening – “The Invisible War” 2014

Monday, Feb 10th, at 7 pm


This month we will meet for a screening of “The Invisible War”, an award-winning documentary about sexual assault in the military. It is shocking, heartbreaking and unforgettable. Time Magazine named it one of the best films of the year, and it won the Audience Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. (See the trailer here:

This documentary is also particularly poignant for AAUW members, as our Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) is supporting some of the plaintiffs featured in the film.(read more at

As we personally plan to celebrate (or NOT) on Feb. 14th, whether we choose to rise and dance with a V-Day group or contribute in some other way toward ending violence against women and girls, the viewing of this film will surely spark conversation and heighten awareness. A timely issue and a personal connection to an actual case – what more could you want from an AAUW monthly program!

This is a perfect program to bring a potential AAUW recruit as well as family members and friends. The film makes the case for us as to why anyone should join AAUW and how our network of women around the country makes changes for women and girls!

The meeting will be held at Plaza Universitaria, Torre Central, Room 3072, located on Ave. Ponce de Leon in Rio Piedras, on left in front of the main UPR campus. For directions by train or car, click here.