Stories from Maria – Evelyn Acosta

Update for Evey Acosta:
I left PR on August 24 for what was supposed to have been a five week trip taking in New York City and Long Island; Seattle, Washington; Reno, Nevada and Bethesda, Maryland. Obviously, I did not make it back to PR on September 25 as had been originally scheduled. I am blessed and have had many places to stay made available to me as well as the use of a friend’s car for as long as I need. I plan to stay in the north eastern US bouncing around until it makes sense to go back to Puerto Rico. That means I will go back once there is electricity, running water, access to food and gasoline, etc. and the way things look now, that may still be a few months off. I trust my AAUW sisters are safe and doing well whether in PR or elsewhere. Be safe, everyone!