Welcome to 2019-2020

Welcome to the 2019-2020 year at the San Juan branch of AAUW!

AAUW has a long and important history in the mainland and on this island, with many of our branch members breaking ground for women in PR. With the goals of education and training, economic security, and leadership for women and girls, we know there is more work to be done, and look forward to the challenges and rewards the future may bring. We continue to support national initiatives towards achieving pay equity, equal access to education, and offering skills training that can increase leadership roles for women.

This year in San Juan, we’ve prioritized projects focusing on assistance to women who are victims of domestic violence (and the prevention of such violence), college women’s leadership training, and projects that continue or enhance education for girls and women in PR. If these are areas of interest to you, consider joining us on one of our projects. There are openings on various committees, and several projects are waiting for an interested member to lead. Some projects still need funding, while others are funded and ready for action. If you have ideas for new projects, we would be excited to hear from you! Please contact us with suggestions, or if you’d like to know more details.

Looking forward, we intend to grow our membership, so we can be active in more segments of our community. For those looking to join AAUW, please use the Become A Member! link on our Home Page to find out how you can become a member. You can also email queries to aauwpr@gmail.com. For those who are already members, please reach out to people who haven’t heard of us, but are looking to connect with others interested in gender equity and particularly in making a difference in Puerto Rico. Partners, friends, daughters, granddaughters, colleagues, people in your building, new neighbors, or recent arrivals to the island are all very welcome to join us in our work, our programs/lecture series, and of course our social events (museum visits, bookclub, film group, gourmet club, etc.). We invite everyone to attend our events, get to know us, and be a part of our work on behalf of women and girls.

In sisterhood,
Dagmar Boenert & Sandy Novo
Co-Presidents of AAUW-San Juan
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