Special Events

April 2019              Perfect Pairings IX Fundraiser

April 2018              Perfect Pairings IIX Fundraiser

April 2017              Perfect Pairings VIII Fundraiser

April 2016               Perfect Pairings VII Fundraiser

April 2015               Perfect Pairings VI Fundraiser

April 2014               Perfect Pairings V Fundraiser

February 2014        Film Screening:  The Invisible War

May  2013                Perfect Pairings IV Fundraiser

April 2013                BRIDGE Workshops

February 2013        V-Day

September  2012   International Day of Peace

May 2012                Perfect Pairings III

March  2012           Women’s History Month Luncheon with Newcomers

January  2012         Human Trafficking Presentation

October  2011        Museum Trip – Vida Silvestre